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2 TIMOTHY 1:1 

Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, according to the promise of life in Christ Jesus, 

It is so easy to make promises, isn’t it? You say it sometimes before you actually think about. Maybe you are in the grocery checkout line and your little two-year-old is pitching a fit for one of those candy bars they place right at the cash register. So, before you know it you say, “Okay, if you will get quiet, I will get you the candy.” Promise made. 

That is NOT the kind of promise Paul is referring to here. Just about every time the word is used in the Bible it refers to God’s promises, which we know He will always keep. And almost every use of the word in the New Testament points back to an Old Testament, even this one. Our promise of life is found only in Jesus, whom we know was prophesied about through the Old Testament. 


 Do your children make promises they can’t keep? Little children tend to do that to get something they want. “Daddy, let me stay up and watch tv later tonight and I will clean my room tomorrow.” You know good and well that is not going to happen, lol. 

Promises are good, if they are the right one. A promise of purity is a beautiful thing. A promise to be faithful to our spouse is holy. A promise to… You get the picture. But promises should be made sparingly and thoughtfully. God’s promises are the ONLY promises that are a sure thing. Our children need to understand that. Others may break their promises, but God cannot and will not because He is perfect and holy. 

Are you a promise keeper? Do you make rash promises and then forget them? Stop it! The next time you begin a sentence with “I promise” stop and ask yourself what you are promising and if you have the ability to keep it. If not, don’t say it. God will be more honored by you not making that promise than making it and breaking it. 

Father, only You are the true promise keeper. I know I can trust You to fulfill every promise You have ever made. You are faithful.    


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