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“‘Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days – you would not believe if you were told.’”

Have you ever seen anything so amazing that you did a double take? I mean, you couldn’t believe your eyes. There was no way what you saw actually happened. There have been a few things in my life that fall into that category. To this day I can’t believe what I saw. 

God is telling Habakkuk to look and see what He is doing around him. Even though things look bad, He is at work. But Habakkuk has to open his eyes and recognize God at work. Isn’t that the case with us, too?  We complain and gripe about how bad things are and fail to recognize God’s fingerprints all over our situation. He is constantly working in the lives of His children to make them more like Jesus.


Kids are easily tricked by what they see. When they are young, they can be made to believe just about anything. Pulling a quarter out of their ear blows them away. Taking away their nose with your hand scares them. Listen, while they are young teach them to look around for “God sightings.” Teach them to recognize those moments when the only explanation is God.

As our children have their eyes opened to the spiritual realm and learn to trust the Lord, their worldview becomes much clearer. The world will try to make them think they are seeing the truth while leading them down the wrong path. But as we teach them to verify all they see with the Word of God, they can be reassured if what they see is really the truth.

How about you? Do you simply believe it because you see it?  The old saying is still true concerning the world – believe half of what you see and nothing you hear. But when God shows or tells you something you can literally bet your life on it. Turn to His Word today and let it direct your path.

Lord, on the days I think I see something that is true and right, help me to verify it through Your Word. That means I have to be spending time in it. Thank You for allowing me to have such a revealer of truth in my life.