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2 TIMOTHY 1:2 

To Timothy, my beloved son: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. 

This verse is almost the same words as 1 Timothy 1:2. He changes his description of Timothy slightly from “my true child in the faith” to “my beloved son.” I think I like this one better. There is just something about calling someone beloved that speaks of intimacy. 

There is no doubt Paul loved Timothy. He doesn’t call any of his other companions “beloved.” Timothy was special to him. He had invested years in his life to prepare him to lead. Even today when men mentor other men, it is often referred to as a Paul/Timothy relationship.  


As parents, we have the responsibility to see our children as a Timothy. We have approximately 18-20 years to prepare our children to face life. There is no better preparation than turning them into disciplemakers. If our children grow with the passion of Matthew 28:19-20 (look it up), they will have an entirely different worldview than the rest of the world. 

It is all about relationships. It begins with ours with the Lord. Then it goes to our family (spouse, children, grandchildren). As we invest our energy in the next generation, they learn to do the same. Will they always do that? No. Everyone has their free will and can choose to accept or deny. Our job is to try. 

In whom are you investing today? Do you have a Timothy? Are you being a Paul? Don’t let your faith experiences go left unshared. Don’t ignore that plea from another believer who wants to be mentored and taught how to face life challenges. Who knows, you may have a part in discipling the next great voice of the kingdom. 

I want to share my faith with others in order to help them walk with You. Show me those around me who need a Paul. Give me the courage to approach them and invite them into a disciplemaking relationship. 


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