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ACTS 10:15

“Again a voice came to him a second time, ‘What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.’”

Acts 10:10-16 tells the story of Peter’s vision of the sheet lowered from heaven with all kinds of animals. He is told to kill and eat, but many of the animals were unclean according to the Mosaic Law. What was Peter to do? He replied he had never eaten anything unclean. I love God’s response in verse 15. God says He has made them clean, so eat.

The New Covenant had come through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Peter was just learning that. He knew things were different, but he didn’t realize how different. He was still learning. God used this vision to open Peter’s eyes to a new theology, one which included Gentiles as well as Jews. His journey was about to begin.


I bet your children think some foods are unclean, lol. Foods like brussels sprouts or broccoli turn some children’s noses up. They had rather have ice cream and cookies, right? The next time this happens at dinner time, read them this story about Peter’s vision. Explain to them that Peter had a wrong idea about these foods.

Now, of course, the lesson here is not about the food. The lesson here is about sharing the Good News with everyone. It’s not just for our friends. It’s for the homeless person on the street corner. It’s for the prisoner serving a life sentence for murder. It’s for everyone! Period! Our job is to spread what God has declared as good to the world.

Are you faithful to share the Gospel with those around you? Maybe you aren’t living in such a way that your testimony is believable. You have a responsibility to be God’s missionary to those you come into contact with daily. He wants to use you to reach them for Christ. Will you do that? Will you share what He’s done in and through you to someone today?

Lord, what you have declared clean I will no longer call unholy. I want to be used by you to take the Gospel to those who are shunned by the world. Give me opportunities to do that today.

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“So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught, whether by word of mouth or by letter from us.”

Some families have long held traditions around the holidays. They may involve a meal or a prank gift or some other strange tradition unique to their family. Those are good things to have. They bind us together. They build memories to pass to the next generation.

But Paul wasn’t talking about Grandma Carter’s chocolate pie recipe when he said, “hold to the traditions.” He was referring to something much more important. He was talking about passing down the teachings and instructions they had received concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s a tradition worth keeping and sharing.


At your next family gathering talk about your family traditions with your children. Make a list of them, if you have more than one. Maybe it’s time for you start some new ones. Maybe your children are grown and have families of their own. It is probably time for them to start their own traditions. Whatever they are, talk about how long you’ve had them and why you keep them. 

But most importantly, talk about the traditions you have in Christ and why they are important. Teach your children to hold these close and to pass them down themselves. I vividly remember going to my Grandma Carter’s house every Christmas and having a huge meal with all my cousins. Family is important, and our Christian family is even more important.

What are the traditions you are passing down? Do they include Jesus? Passing down your Christian heritage and history can encourage the next generation to carry on the fight. Helping them understand the importance of this faith legacy could be one of the most important things you do. Talk about it. Share it. Keep it.

Thank You for traditions in Christ. Thank You, Lord, for making me part of that heritage of faith. Help me teach the next generation more about You.