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1 TIMOTHY 6:21 

which some have professed and thus gone astray from the faith. Grace be with you. 

I have a crossbow which I use to hunt. I use it to hunt white-tail deer, turkey and even geese. There’s just something about using archery rather than a gun that seems more…well…natural. Don’t get me wrong, I still use a gun during gun season, but I like the challenge of the crossbow also. 

But you know what I have to do each year? I have to practice. I can’t lay my crossbow down and just pick it up the next season to hunt. I have to target shoot to make sure my crossbow is sighted correctly and so I know I can hit what I shoot at. And if you miss the target you are risk of losing that bolt (crossbow arrow).  


Buy and inexpensive bow and arrow kit from a toy or sporting store for your children. They will love shooting it. Set up some targets close, to begin with. Then keep moving the target out until they really have trouble hitting it. Then read them this verse. 

What a great way to explain this verse. If you don’t stay close to the Lord and continue to grow your faith, it is so easy to miss the mark, to miss the target. That’s what the phrase “gone astray” actually means. Literally it is “non target.”  Ask your children which they prefer – hitting the target or missing it. The same applies to our faith. 

Are you “on target”? Are you missing the mark? Make sure you stay focused. Make sure you stay sighted in. It takes practice. It takes determination. Will you commit to keeping your eyes on Jesus? If you do you will hit the mark He has set for you. 

O Father, my sights are on You. I want to hit the goal you have set for me. I will give you all the glory.  


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