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“Then I said, ‘Have them put a clean headband on his head.’ So they put the clean headband on his head and clothed him with garments, while the angel of the LORD was standing by.”

Have you ever been watching someone build something and see something missing? If you are like me, you can’t help but speak up and suggest it. In my ministry, there have been times a thought would cross my mind in a discussion with a team about something that would just be the answer. Once it was mentioned everyone agreed that it was just what the group had been looking for. I attribute those thoughts to the Lord. He is the giver of all good things.

Zechariah is standing by watching the angels dress Joshua with the festive robes (see yesterday’s blog) and notices something is missing. Aww, the “holy crown upon it and the plate of prate gold, on which was graven, Holiness to the Lord” Exodus 28:36-38Exodus 29:6. You see, this “crown” was to be worn by the high priest before the Lord. Zechariah suggests this in a prayerful tone, and his request was granted.


The part of this verse that struck me is that Zechariah was bold enough to speak up, and his request was heard and immediately acted upon. We need to speak up. We need to let the Lord know our requests. I love Psalm 40:1. “I waited patiently for the LORD; And He reached down to me and heard my cry.” The Lord wants to hear our voice.

Notice Zechariah wasn’t asking for himself. He was praying on behalf of Joshua and the nation. When you see a brother or sister in need, stop right then and give God a shout out. Speak boldly. Come before the throne of grace on their behalf. We are commanded to pray for one another. Do that today.

In my daily Quiet Time, I pray through a list of people daily, weekly and monthly. These are friends and family. Some are fellow missionaries I have known for years. What a joy to hear back from some of them thanking me for praying. Ask your friends how you can pray for them and then do it. God is listening!

I know You are always listening, Lord. Your ears are attentive to my cries for mercy.