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2 PETER 1:2

“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord;” 

I will never forget Mrs. McCracken. She was my fourth grade homeroom teacher and also my math teacher. That was the year we had to learn our multiplication tables. Remember those? We had to recite them correctly or stay inside during recess and work on them. I still remember those multiplication tables, so I guess it worked.

But we don’t get to know God by quoting multiplication tables, do we? I love the Greek word for “knowledge” here. It is epignosis. The second half of that word, gnosis, means knowledge, but the epi on the front intensifies it. It has the idea of contact knowledge or first-hand knowledge. That’s how grace and peace is multiplied – by getting to know God first-hand.


Ask your children how they get to know somebody. They may say by talking to them on the phone. Wrong! They may say by facetiming. Wrong again. We get to know someone by spending time with them face to face. Not on some screen.

They need to know that they get to know God by spending time with Him. By reading His Word and spending time in prayer they get to know the God of the universe. By setting aside time each day to be alone with Him, the grace and peace multiplies. They get the answers to life’s questions. They learn to grow as a believer. But they have to get first-hand knowledge.

How is your time with Him? Do you need more grace and peace in your life? Then there is only one way to get it. You need to know Him more fully. Spend time. Spend some energy getting to know Him. Trust Him to pour Himself into you as you open up more and more to Him.

Lord, I want to know You more. I need more grace and peace and am relying on You to multiply it in my life.

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1 PETER 3:11


Peter continues to quote from Psalm 34 in today’s verse, and it’s a good one. The Psalmist gives us four actions to follow: turn away from evil, do good, seek peace and pursue peace. Those are pretty good things to chase after, if you ask me. You see, you really can’t do good until you turn away from evil. You can’t do both at the same time.

And then he says to seek peace and pursue it. I just love the word “pursue.” In the Greek it means like a hunter chasing his prey. I’m a hunter, so I can relate to that definition. When you get on the trail of the game you are after, you diligently chase it. That’s how we are to pursue peace. I like that.


Have you ever played tag with your kids? I am sure you have. Let me tell you, the older we get, the more they win. LOL. You know how it feels when you are chasing someone doggedly. You don’t give up. Play a game of tag with your kids, making some mental notes of who chased who.

Then read them this verse and explain the word “pursue” to them. Tell them how important it is to chase after peace. We should do all we can to make sure we are being peaceful with others. We don’t stop doing that, just like they didn’t stop chasing after the person they were trying to tag in the game.

Are you pursuing peace right now? We too often stop short of our goal in that area. We think the other person should bring the peace, not us. But this verse applies to all of us. We should all be pursuing it. We should all be peaceful in our actions and behaviors.

O Lord, I do desire peace. I know You are the Prince of Peace. Help me pursue You daily and live in Your peace.

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LUKE 24:12

“But Peter got up and ran to the tomb; stooping and looking in, he saw the linen wrappings only; and he went away to his home, marveling at what had happened.”

I think it’s funny that here in Luke it says, “But Peter got up and ran to the tomb. In John 20, we read that John went with him and outran him. Lol. No one wants to admit they got beat in a foot race.

But this story isn’t about who won the foot race. It’s about the destination of the foot race. Where were they running? Why were they running? They had just been told that Jesus’ tomb was empty. They couldn’t wait to check it out themselves.


Okay, it’s foot race time. Gather your children and go outside for the race. Set the finish line out of their sight and explain that there will be a surprise when they get there. Watch how fast they line up to race. Surprises are exciting. Surprises get us every time.

When they all get there give them a special treat. If you can find them, get them one of those Resurrection Eggs. Kids love them. Read them this story and ask them how they think Peter felt when he got to the tomb and found it empty. Surprised? Shocked? Excited? Sad?

How would you have felt if you had been Peter? Your last experience with Jesus was shame. Now you have just been told He’s alive and wants to see you. How would you have been feeling? Embarrassed or excited? It’s no different today. He wants to see you. Even when you mess up, He forgives you and longs to be with you.

Lord, I long to be in Your presence. I look forward to Your embrace. Forgive me for all those times I have fallen short of Your calling.

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“so that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ;” 

Our faith is precious, more precious than gold. And Peter reminds us how gold is proven to be precious. It is tested by fire. The same is true about our faith. It, too, will go through testing.

One scholar wrote,
“Christians should be willing to pass through trials: (a) They will purify their religion, just as the fire will remove dross from gold.

(b) They will make it shine more brightly, just as gold does when it comes out of the furnace. (c) They will disclose more fully its value. (d) They will furnish an evidence that we shall be saved; for that religion which will bear the tests that God applies to it in the present life, will bear the test of the final trial.”


So, how do you apply this verse? By living through those testings. As you encounter hard times, you have the God given opportunity to trust Him to prove your faith. Your children are watching. As you talk to them about how you are trusting the Lord in the process, they are listening.

You may not think these moments will be remembered by them. After all, they are young. But, oh, they will remember. God will make sure of that. Trusting moments stick. Faith producing moments make impacts, especially on young lives. And when God brings you through, and He will, celebrate that with your children.

Are you in a trial right now? Is your faith being put through the fire? Thank the Lord that He is purifying it. Thank Him that You know it is more precious than gold. Gold will not last forever. Even it is eventually destroyed. But not our faith. With each “firing” it becomes stronger. Believe that!

I praise You for the fires! I may not enjoy the process, but I am thankful for the outcome. Purify me, Lord!

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to malign no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men.”

Are you a nice person? I mean, do you portray these traits Paul lists in today’s verse? These are admirable traits, but I guarantee you they are not possible for long without Christ being the center of your life. Christ showed us all of these while He was here on earth. If He can live them out, we can too. We just have to allow Him to live them through us.

“To malign” means to speak evil against someone. That’s not our calling. “To be peaceable” literally means not to fight. For some of us that’s hard. “Gentle” means to be forbearing or reasonable toward others. That can be tested at times, can’t it? And “showing every consideration” has the idea that you can show restraint.


Aren’t those four traits worth instilling in your children? How many times have you had to stop your children from doing the exact opposite? Instead of not speaking evil, they are constantly tattling or trying to get their sister or brother in trouble. Flesh does not have to be taught how to be fleshly. It comes natural. Our job as Christian parents is to consistently hold that flesh accountable. We must take every opportunity to point them towards the attributes of Christ.

Will your children embrace these traits? Only if they first know Christ. Trying to “force” these behaviors on your child before they know Him may get them to follow a rule, but it won’t change their heart. Only Jesus can do that. So, is it hopeless? Of course not! But know that the heart change is not your responsibility. Your job is to keep pointing them to Jesus. Jesus is big enough to handle the rest.

Which of these four traits gives you the most trouble? Probably, for me, it’s being gentle. I often have unreasonable expectations of others and am not very forbearing. I expect too much or I want them to comply to my wishes. That’s not being Jesus. The only way I can live this out is to surrender my desires to His. I have to see the other person through His eyes. Then I can show the gentleness of Christ.

I desire to live out these traits towards others, Lord. I know that I may be the only Jesus they ever see. Help me be that to them today.

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2 TIMOTHY 3:12

Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

Paul has just told Timothy to follow him in persecutions and sufferings in the previous verse. Now, he tells him why. Because all who desire to live for Christ will be persecuted. Doesn’t that just make you want to shout “Hallelujah!”?  lol. Not really, to be honest. Who wants to be persecuted? That doesn’t sound fun. And Paul knew what he was talking about. The religious leaders had hounded him and years, solely because of his allegiance to and teachings of Christ.

Is that the kind of life you desire? Do you inwardly desire so strongly to live for Christ that you are willing to endure whatever hardship or persecution that may come your way? At what point would you say, “That’s enough! I can’t go any further.” Think about it. There may be a day coming, like in many parts of our world, where if you are a faithful follower of Christ, it could cost you everything.


I don’t know a better way to teach our children this than to share true stories of believers who are suffering right now in our world. Most of us cannot imagine being persecuted for our faith. So, find a story to share with your kids. Talk about how that person must feel. Talk about how their children must have felt. Then ask your children how they would feel if that had been your family. It’s okay to say it would be scary. Emotions and fears are real.

But don’t leave it there. Take them to the verse today. God promises to be with us. Ask your children what they believe the Lord teaches us through persecution. It is so important they get this. They need to understand that, if God allows it in your life, it is always to make us better, not bitter. Persecution builds faith and helps spread the Word. We are just a vessel.

Are you a willing vessel to be persecuted for the cause of Christ if needed? Or are you good with just doing your “Sunday” thing and going through the motions? May I encourage you today to go all in. He needs your total devotion, your total desires, in order to accomplish in you what He wants. Trust Him to be with you should persecution come.

Though the world slay me, I will serve You. I will not fear the reprisal of men for loving my heavenly Father and following my Lord.

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2 TIMOTHY 2:22

“Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

Too many of us try to resist or fight our youthful lusts. No!!! Paul tells Timothy and us to flee, to run away, to get out of Dodge. We tend to think we can play with matches and not get burned. Listen, my brother or sister, you cannot! That’s why Paul tells Timothy to run. He tells us the same thing.

And as we are running from those youthful lusts, we need to be pursuing righteous, faith, love and peace. We already have all of those, if we are believers. They are all centered in and through Christ whom we possess at the moment of salvation. However, we allow ourselves to pursue other things and drop it.


Most kids are good at following orders. Not really, lol. I mean, inside they want to please you and God. All they have to do is listen to what you say and do it, right? All they have to do is read God’s Word and do what it says, right? What if you read them this verse and told them when they are tempted to do something wrong to run? What do you think they would do?

Make a game of it. Write out some of these “youthful lusts.” What are those? Well, they do involve sensual pleasures, but they also include things like the inclination to gratify the appetites and senses of the body. They even include things like  pride, ambition, vain-glory, rashness, contention, obstinacy. These things make young people obnoxious. Mix in some good things like faith, hope and love. Use your imagination. Hold up one of the cards and have them either run toward you for a hug or run away.

But let me ask you a question. How do you respond to these things? Do you run towards these lusts or away? Do you shun them or embrace them? We adults must have the same flight response as children. These things will defeat us and cripple our walk with Christ. Pursue the good stuff and soar.

You are an amazing God who gives us everything we need to succeed in our walk with You. Help me today to listen closely to You and allow You to lead me away from those things that seek to harm me.

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“For we have brought nothing into the world, so we cannot take anything out of it either.” 

Come on! Think about it. When you are born what do you bring with you? Nothing! Nada! Zero! And when you die, you leave this earth with…the same! So, let me ask you a question. Why do we spend so much time accumulating stuff? Now, don’t get me wrong. I like stuff as much as the next guy. But does the process of getting it ruin it for you?

I recently discovered that one of my ancestors was Charlemagne, a king in the 1stCentury who ruled over the Franks, Lombards and Romans. He was buried in 814 seated on his throne with his crown on his head and scepter in his hand. It seems even in death, he was determined to rule and hold on to what he had. But he couldn’t. No one can.


This is kind of a morbid topic for kids, huh? Well, I don’t mean it to be. What I am trying to say in this devotional is stuff doesn’t matter. Whatever we manage to get here on earth will be left for someone else. Do this! Take your child to their room and ask them to pick out their five most important possessions. Put them in a box and tell them you want to see how long they can “live” without them.

After the crying stops (just kidding) talk about those five things. What were they? Why were they important? Who gave it to them? Read them today’s verse and let the words sink in. Those five favorite things can’t go to heaven with them. When they are older, they will have five different favorite things. They can’t go either. Instead help them focus on what can go with them – their love for Christ, the Word of God they have memorized and the peace in their hearts that God is real and loves them. Those are true possessions.

What are you holding on to with a death grip? Would you willingly lay it down if the Lord asked you to? If not, you’ve got a problem. Parents, you can invest in your children’s lives and lead them to a saving knowledge of Christ. You may be gone long before they are, but one day they will be with you in eternity. Now, that’s something to hold on to.

O God, I long to see Your face. There is nothing on this earth that I would hold on to that could keep me from coming to You. You have blessed me, and I only want to You.

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“But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.” 

That title is not mine. I borrowed it from a friend. But I thought it kind of funny. Seriously though, look at the verse. Paul is saying to Timothy that godliness is a means of great gain WHEN it is accompanied by contentment. Oh, that’s the key – contentment.

What is contentment? Well, the Greek word here is only used twice – here and in 2 Corinthians 9:8. It means to be self-sufficient, having all you need THROUGH the indwelling power of Christ. You can have true peace and contentment only through Jesus. When you are content, you are able to live a more godly life, thus leading to great gain spiritually. Incidentally, the Greek word for gain is only used twice also – both times right here in 1 Timothy 6:5 and 6.


How do you teach your children to be content? Stop giving them everything they want! “But Carl, I am trying to make them content by doing that.” Well, how’s that working for you? The more a person has the more they want. We live in a fifteen second world. We are used to everything happening fast. We are not satisfied with a slow pace. We are not willing to “settle” for anything.

This lack on contentment only breeds more discontent. Help your children thank the Lord today for what they have. Start with the basics of a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads. How about thanking Him for the food each meal. I know this sounds simplistic, but we seem to overlook the small stuff. Your children will never be satisfied and content until they appreciate the small things.

Are you content? Do you struggle with your walk with Christ because you aren’t content? Take a moment and make a list of your blessings. Keep the list handy and add to it each day as another blessing pops up. Pray through that list or at least mention a couple of them each time you pray. As you do this, I promise you will be drawn closer to the Lord, which will lead you to godliness.

I am so thankful for all You given me. I am truly a blessed man. I thank You for the little things I often overlook like clean clothes to wear and shoes to put on my feet. Help me spread my contentment to others.

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Now she who is a widow indeed and who has been left alone, has fixed her hope on God and continues in entreaties and prayers night and day.” 

That may seem like a strange title for a blog, but that is exactly what this widow was. To be “left alone” literally means forsaken. But despite that, she continues in her faith. She prays specifically for needs and prays generally for others. She knows her only source of help and comfort comes from above.

Do you know a prayer warrior like that? I do. In fact, I know several. Their solace is in spending time with the Lord, studying His Word and talking to Him. They know He will never leave them or forsake them. They may be “alone” in this world, but they are never alone spiritually.


Children need to learn this peace early. They need to know that our God and Father will never leave them, if they are one His children. They may think they are alone and the world is against them. But He never leaves their side. Drive that truth into Him. They need to hear that over and over again.

Do you ever have to leave your child to go on trips? I am sure that is hard on them and you. When you come home there are kisses and hugs, right? Just think of this – God is always with us giving us those kinds of hugs and kisses. Now, I don’t mean physical hugs and kisses. But His presence is just as soothing and intimate.

Do you feel His presence in your prayer life? Do you spend the time you need to each day to commune with your holy God. He is waiting to talk to you. He won’t barge in on you. He waits for you to come to Him, but He’s always ready. Isn’t that unbelievable?  

Father, thank You for always being there for me. I praise You for your steadfast love and compassion and the way You show it each and every day to me.