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1 TIMOTHY 6:20 

O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you, avoiding worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called “knowledge”— 

Have you ever been given anything to hold for someone else? They may have even said, “Don’t let anything happen to this, please.” Well, the Greek word for “what has been entrusted” means just that. We are to protect and guard the truths we have been taught by the Lord.  

But, what does that mean? Why do we have to guard it? Listen, Satan wants us to get distracted with “worldly and empty chatter.” He can’t remove the truths we have been given, but he can sure can try to get our minds on useless stuff.  


Try this with your children. Wrap up a Bible in a box and give it to them to hold for you. Don’t tell them what it is. Tell them how precious it is to you and you are depending on them to keep it safe. After a few days, ask them if they still have it. Remind them how special this is to you. 

In about a week ask them for the package and open it. I bet they will be surprised at what was in the box. Explain to them just how precious God’s Word is to you. Read today’s verse to them and let them know this is what Paul was talking about. His truths are to be kept safe and guarded in their hearts. Only that will lead them safely through life. 

What do you hold precious? So many of us prioritize the wrong things. We put family keepsakes on the same level as God’s Word. We need to spend much more time putting His Word in our hearts and minds, so it will be safe for a lifetime. 

Thank You, Lord, for giving me Your precious Word to guard and protect. I will do that while at the same time sharing it with others.


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