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1 TIMOTHY 4:12

“Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” 

I love that Paul encouraged Timothy to be strong and bold in his youth. Now, Timothy wasn’t a teenager here. He was probably in his mid to late thirties by now, but to Paul he was still a young whipper-snapper, lol.  I feel the same way sometimes about some people. They just look too young to be doing what they are doing.

Back to the point of this verse. Paul is not focused on Timothy’s youth. He is more concerned about the example he is living. The word “example” has the word picture of a die stamp that is used to put a mark on something. It would be placed on an object and then struck with a hammer to leave an impression on the object. That’s what we should be doing. Leaving the impression of Christ on others.


This will be a fun verse to act out with your kids. Get a die stamp, maybe of the letter of your last name. Maybe you can find one that says “Jesus.” That would be cool. Then get a hammer and a piece of wood and a piece of metal. Place the die stamp on the wood and hit it with the hammer. Let your son or daughter see the impression it made on the wood. Now let them try it. They probably won’t hit it hard enough the first time, so let them hit it again.

Then use the piece of metal. Now it’s going to take a much harder blow to make an impression. It’s the same in our lives. Some people are easily influenced by our Christian testimony. Others are harder to reach. We have to make a stronger effort. Make sure your kids understand that it is NOT our image we are leaving on them. It is the image of Christ.

Are you leaving an impression on others? Are you being an example? You are probably doing that more than you know. So, the question is whose impression are your leaving? If it’s yours, stop. If it’s Christ’s, keep pounding away.

It is only Your image which I choose to leave on others. Help me show them just how strong an impression You have on me. Let them only see You in me.


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