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1 TIMOTHY 4:11

“Prescribe and teach these things.”

Have you ever gone to the pharmacy to get your prescription only to get home and realize it’s the wrong medication? Most pharmacies have a policy that once you leave the store you can’t return the prescription. That can be very frustrating and dangerous, if you don’t know what you are taking.

The word “prescribe” is actually a military term which implies that an order has gone through all the proper channels and has the authority of the one who issued it. Paul is reminding Timothy that he has the authority because he is delivering God’s commands, not his own. In the same way the pharmacist is carrying out the orders of the doctors to deliver us the right medication. He can’t prescribe medication for patients. He just delivers the correct orders.


You, as Mom and Dad, are commanded by God to carry out His orders in regard to raising your children. You are to also “prescribe and teach these things.” You have the responsibility to use God’s Word to prepare your children to walk with Jesus. The Lord has given you all you need in His Word. But you must be the one to deliver the command.

Now, children will buck you. None of us like following orders. But we are commanded to deliver. The words “prescribe” and “teach” are both imperatives, which mean you are commanded to do this. You have a choice – obey or be disobedient. What will you do?

If you are like me, you want to do things your way. I don’t mind following orders, as long as I agree with them. But the second I have to do something that I disagree with, I bow up. That’s flesh! That’s sin! I have to obey whether I like it or not. And by doing that, I am an example to others.

Lord, You know my heart. I truly do want to please You. Help me be submissive to those in authority over me, not to please them, but to please You.



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