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1 TIMOTHY 4:13

“Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching.” 

Do you like reading out loud or hearing someone else read out loud? Isn’t it interesting that Paul told Timothy to give attention to doing that? I wonder why. Well, I think it was clearer in the original Greek that Paul wrote in to Timothy. That phrase “public reading of Scripture” is only used three times in Scripture. All three involve Paul either at the scene or the one writing the phrase.

The phrase is from anaginoskowhich means “enables others to re-live (re-appreciate) what was conveyed (experienced) by the originalauthor.” When you read it out loud, people can hear the inflections in your voice. You can make the story come alive for them. 


I am sure you have read to your children. Do you think it’s just about the story you are reading? It is important to them also because they hear your voice. They are spending time with you as you read. It takes time to read out loud. And you have to be close enough to hear it, unless you are using a microphone (which I doubt you are using in your child’s bedroom at night, lol). 

So, take the time to read the Word out loud today. Do it at the dinner table. Or do it at bedtime when they are snuggled in their bed. I remember vividly my mama reading to me and my little sister in the rocking chair. Tell them the stories of Jesus out loud and watch them “get it.”

Do you ever read the Bible out loud to yourself? I enjoy listening the audio Bible as I drive. Hearing the Word spoken lets your mind work to create pictures to go along with the verses. Challenge your mind today to listen to the Word. 

I want to hear Your voice, O God. But until I can hear it personally, I will settle for hearing Your written Word. Thank You for giving it to us to inspire and teach us.


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