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“We have confidence in the Lord concerning you, that you are doing and will continue to do what we command.” 

Sometimes when you read a Bible verse in an English translation, whether it is from the Old or the New Testament, it just doesn’t get the original language’s message across. Today’s verse is like that. When you read “we have confidence,” you can understand that pretty well. But the phrase, which is one word in the Greek, says so much more.

This is the same word used to describe our faith in Christ. It’s the verb form of the word “faith.” But it is also in the Perfect tense. “Now, you are losing me, Carl.” Well, hang on! Perfect tense means it is complete with lasting results. So, ask yourself, “What does it mean that Paul had complete, ongoing faith in the Thessalonians to do and keep doing what he commanded them. It meant he completely and fully trusted them.


Can your children trust you? Can they put their full and complete faith in you? If your answer is anything but “yes” you need to examine your heart. What is preventing you from being completely trustworthy? Most of the time it is our own selfishness. We put ourselves above others, even our children. But we can’t do that. 

You’ve heard the popular expression “I’m second”, right? Well, that’s wrong, if you are a believer. It should be “I’m third.” It should always be God first, others second and yourself third. In any other order and you have lost that trustworthiness. Reprioritize your life for the sake of your family. Put them above yourself. God will take care of you, if you put Him first.

“But Carl, if I don’t watch out for myself, no one else will either.” I am not suggesting that you don’t “take care of yourself.” I am suggesting that you don’t put yourself above all others. Humility leads to exaltation. God will raise you up when you lower yourself to Him. Today, be trustworthy. Do and continue you to do what you have been commanded by the Lord.

Today I bow before You, Lord. I want You to say of me that I am trustworthy. I want to be known as the person anyone can go to for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.


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