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“But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.”  

Do you realize that when you surrender your life to Christ and invite Him into your life to save and redeem you, you get your own personal bodyguard? I don’t mean to reduce the Lord to a simple position like that, but He does step in to protect us from evil. The word “protect” has the idea of a military guard, someone who is actively and alertly protecting something or someone.

Jesus is ALWAYS on guard. He is never caught unaware. No one, not even Satan himself, can surprise the Lord. I love to watch military movies or dramas about covert actions. Someone always gets surprised. The whole idea of a covert action is to catch the enemy unprepared. Satan wants to deceive us (to catch us unguarded), but if we trust the Lord Jesus and walk with Him, He is the one who protects us. We just have to rest in Him.


Have you ever played “King of the Mountain” with your kids? I used to love that game when I was a kid. Find a hill and select who will be “king” first. Then everyone else tries to take the hill and become the king. It can be a pretty rough game with lots of pushing and shoving and tackling. That’s why I loved it as a kid. 

The key to “survive” as the king is to keep your head on a swivel and stay very alert to any advancing “enemy.” The worse thing that could happen is to be caught from behind and shoved off the hill.  No one can stay “king” forever. It just gets too tiring to defend the hill.

But, oh, listen to me. Jesus IS the KING of every hill. He is able to defend you. There is no evil person who can harm you as long as He is there. So, stick close to Jesus. Let Him frustrate and confuse the enemy. He will one day slay him with the breath of His mouth. Jesus can handle this.

Once again, Lord, I place my life in Your hands. In the midst of intense battle with the evil one, I can depend on You to defend me. I trust You and You alone.


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