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“May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ.”

I don’t know about you, but those to destinations are just fine with me.  I want to be in the love of God. I certainly want the steadfastness of Christ. If I am embedded in those two, whatever comes my way can be handled in peace. When I know the love of God and the steadfastness of Christ, I can rest. All is good, no matter the storm around me.

Right now I am in the middle of a storm. It is not a storm I produced or invited. I was literally thrust into it. But it is such a joy to know that even in the very midst of the storm I can have peace. No matter how I am attacked or maligned or slandered, I can rest in the love of God and the steadfastness of Christ.


Children need to know they are loved. As much as we love them, they need to know the love of God so much more. As you pray with them and read them His Word, remind them again and again of that truth.

Explain to your children how Christ’s steadfastness, His ability to bear up under, is theirs also. Because He is strong and He is in them, they can be strong. He is their strength. We aren’t. Friends aren’t. Only Christ. He will be all they need to bear the burdens they may be asked to bear.

What are you under right now? Do you feel His love and steadfastness? It’s there, if you are a believer. It’s there, if you trust Him. It’s there, if you surrender. Allow Him today to fill you with His love.  Allow Him today to be your rock and foundation.

God, You are all to me. Thank You for giving me Your love. Thank You for the steadfastness of heart You instill in me as I surrender to You daily.


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