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“and that we will be rescued from perverse and evil men; for not all have faith.” 

Most of us with any familiarity with the Bible will recognize the phrase I used today for the title of this blog. Where is that from? That’s right, from the Lord’s Prayer. It’s from verse 13 of Matthew 6 which reads, “‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.’”

Have you ever thought about what that means? This word “rescued” means to draw to oneself for safety. So, it means the Lord will not just make us safe. It means He will draw us into His arms for safety. Where had you rather be – in a safe place or safe in the arms of Jesus? I know where I want to be.


Think of it this way. If your child was in danger, where would you want them to be? I would want my children in my arms so I could protect them. What would you do to protect your children? I would do anything to keep them safe from danger, especially evil danger. 

Ask your children if they feel safe in your arms. Unless you have just had to discipline them for something, they will most certainly say they do. Ask them why. They may say because they know you love them or that you are big and strong and able to protect them. Tell them that as safe as they feel in your arms, you are no comparison to the safe, loving arms of Jesus. He will ALWAYS be there, even when they don’t think He is.

Do you believe that? “I don’t know, Carl. Why do bad things happen to us then?” Because God is allowing them. And if He is allowing them, He will use them to make us more like Him. He will NEVER allow anything to touch us that won’t make us better. That’s a promise you can take to the bank. He will “deliver us from evil.”

I am truly grateful, Lord, that evil cannot touch me unless it touches You first. I am safe in Your arms in which You rescue me. I fear no one because You are my Deliverer.


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