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“But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope.” 

Don’t be ignorant! That is what Paul is saying! He didn’t want the Thessalonians to believe the wrong stuff about the death. He says they are just “sleeping,” which was a term used to refer to someone who had died. Sleeping implies they are going to wake up, right? That’s the cool part.

You see, we know as believers that we are going to spend eternity with the Father. Our bodies will not be resurrected until Jesus returns. So, until then their bodies “sleep.” They wait for that glorious day. Waiting, waiting, waiting!


What a fun verse to teach your kids. Tonight, when you tuck them in, talk about it. Just as they will go to sleep and awake in the morning, we will lay down our bodies one day, only to have it awoken by Jesus at the rapture. Our bodies will be changed and glorified. Therefore, we have no reason to grieve, as those who have no hope.

It is so important to teach our children that death for a Christian is just a passage to Jesus. When we die will be instantly in the presence of God. What could be bad about that? Our fleshly body will be buried, but WE AREN’T IN IT! It’s literally an empty shell. Death need not scare us. As believers in Christ, we are guaranteed entry to heaven. 

Are you ready? What about this worries you? It shouldn’t. Don’t let your “ignorance,” your lack of knowledge or experience about death cause you to grieve unnecessarily. The Lord Jesus can take away all the sorrow. I am reminded of Paul’s words to the Corinthians, “O death, where is your sting?”

I am thankful, Lord, that I am secure in You. My earthly death allows me to enter into my heavenly home. My body may stay behind, but I am with you. Hallelujah!


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