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“so that you will behave properly toward outsiders and not be in any need.” 

I love to see the difference between English translations and the original languages of the Bible. Sometimes the translations are very different than the original meaning. We just don’t have adequate words to make that translation closer. But the truth of the Word is still there.

This verse is one of those verses. “Behave properly” in the Greek could read “walk in good form.” You get the idea. Paul is telling us and the Thessalonians to represent Christ in their dealings with outsiders (non-believers). Why? To draw them toward Christ and not drive them away. Our actions and behavior should always mirror Christ.


One of the best things we can teach our children is that their behavior matters. It doesn’t matter just for us. It matters to our Lord. I never wanted to do anything to damage my family name. But I am more concerned that I don’t do anything to harm the name of Jesus. That’s what we teach our children.

If they tell people, especially lost people, that they are a follower of Christ and then live like the world, why would those people want to surrender their lives to Christ? Ask your child what they could do to live differently around their lost friends. I bet they can tell you a number of ways. Then encourage them to do exactly that.

Are you behaving properly? Are you walking in good form? Does your walk resemble your talk? Ask yourself today if your lost friends see the difference Christ has made in your life. If they can’t, perhaps it’s time to re-examine your commitment to Him. Let your light shine today.

I want to draw my lost neighbors and friends to Christ. I desire to see them freed from the bondage of sin. Give me the discipline to live in such a way that others ask me what makes me different.


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