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“For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus.” 

Man, that’s a huge statement! IF WE BELIEVE! Do you get what Paul is saying here? If you truly believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again to give you new life, why in the world would you NOT believe that He will bring us with Him when He returns? Even this early in the history of the church speculations were abounding. People were saying He had already returned. Others were denying His physical resurrection and ascension. Hmmm, sounds like today, doesn’t it?

If you believe, I mean really believe, won’t you trust anything He says in His Word? If He said it, that settles it. Your belief in it doesn’t change the factual truth of His Words. But your belief in Him and what He says about His return will give you hope in the darkest days.  Hallelujah!


Ask your little Gertrude if she believes you when you tell her something. Now hopefully you don’t have a habit of lying to her. If she says she does, ask her why. She may say something like, “Because you love me” or “Because you are my daddy.” Such simple trust, right? That’s how we need to trust our heavenly Father. He is totally and completely trustworthy, unlike us.

If you have ever broken the trust of your child, make that right. Remember, your earthly family (as a believer) should mirror your heavenly family. It should be one that is full of peace and love and trust, not anger and tension and conflict. Ask your child that tonight. Does their family reflect Jesus?

Boy, this is tough, isn’t it? Who would have thought today’s verse would have sparked this discussion. IF YOU BELIEVE! Do you? Do you really? Then trust that He is coming back for you. Who knows when, but He is. Are you ready? Is your family ready? Are your neighbors? 

Father, I know You sent Your Son once and He is returning. I know and believe that the saints will return with Him. I look toward that day with anticipation.


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