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“and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you,” 

Have you ever just wanted to go somewhere and be quiet? I mean, sometimes it is good to get alone and be quiet and meditate on the things of God. You may have wanted to escape work or home to get some peace and quiet. My mom used to say all she wanted for Mothers’ Day was some peace and quiet. I am sure she was talking about my siblings and not me, lol.

Paul was instructing the Thessalonians to not be meddlesome or talkative. He even says for them to “attend to your own business.” There must have been some who wanted to attend to everyone’s business. There usually is someone like that in every church. But Paul’s advice is good – mind your own business and live a quiet life.


The next time you have to tell your Elrod or Gertrude to be quiet (and I am sure it won’t be long), read this verse to them. Now, living a quiet life does not mean just not talking. It’s not just about being silent. It’s more about a lifestyle. It involves not butting in to other people’s stuff. Even children can understand that.

Siblings have a habit of getting into their brother’s or sister’s “stuff.” They pester them and their friends. They watch for things they can report to Mom or Dad. That’s what this is talking about. They need to be more concerned about their walk with Christ and influencing others to walk with them.

Are you too busy watching others that you don’t watch yourself? Most of us are. We can point out the faults in those around us quickly. We can judge them. But we seldom see how far from God we have drifted. Live that quiet life today. Attend to your own life. That pleases the Lord.

Father, when I am tempted to point at others, remind me that I have three fingers pointing back at me. Show me the error of MY ways. Let me lead others by my life.


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