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“as we night and day keep praying most earnestly that we may see your face, and may complete what is lacking in your faith?”

Paul’s training of the Thessalonians wasn’t done yet. He had so much more to teach them. That’s why he longed to see them again. He wasn’t just desiring fellowship. He wanted more time to complete his teaching, so they could walk with Christ with more confidence.

I love to teach. Being able to share what the Lord has taught me gives me joy. I understand Paul’s heart here. When someone sends me a note or tells me after I get through teaching that they learned something new, that just blesses my heart. Not because I taught – NO! Because the Holy Spirit spoke through me.


When do you get through teaching your children? Never! I learned from dad up until the day he died. In the last few years of his life I asked him for advice. I pray I can continue to advise my son and daughter as they get older. But I know any wisdom I impart is not mine. It all comes from the Lord.

But I also learn from my children. Don’t you? Think about a time when your child has said or done something which gave you a new insight into something. Encourage your child when that happens. Tell them that they just helped mommy or daddy to learn something new. 

Is there someone in your life right now to whom you go for advice? Does someone seek you out for advice? Advice is just advice unless it is bathed in prayer and is centered upon His Word. As you receive or give it make sure that is your source. That kind of advice will last for a lifetime.

You are the perfect advisor, God. Your words are always right. Your advice is holy and righteous. I can always trust it.


One thought on “I‘M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET

  1. JUDY Powell says:

    Amen, Bro Carl. What a fellowship, what a joy Devine, to join in the fellowship of Saints like Paul in teaching the world of God.


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