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11Now may our God and Father Himself and Jesus our Lord direct our way to you; 

You must excuse me, but I love word studies. I love to look up different words in Scripture to see what the etymology of the word is and where else it is used in the Scriptures. This verse is no exception. I had to look up the word “direct.” I found something interesting.

It is only used three times – right here, in Luke 1:79 and 2 Thessalonians 3:5. It means to direct without any deviations, to go straight to a destination. What is really interesting is in these three verses where it is used, it is directing three different things, but they must go together.  In today’s verse it directs our way. In Luke it directs our feet, and in 2 Thessalonians it directs our heart. If your heart is directed correctly, your feet will take you the right way.


I bet you use a GPS when you travel. Most of us do today. It’s hard to find a road map anymore. With those you could contemplate different routes to your destination. Now, all you have to do is punch in the address, and your route is mapped for you.

The next time you travel with your family, get one of your children to set the GPS. Get them to direct your family to its destination. Then talk about this verse. Just as they just put in the address to take you to your final destination, God has punched in our eternal destination. He wants us to take the path He has chosen. But just like the GPS, when we stray, He will reroute us in order to get us back on the path.

Where are you going? Is your heart right? If it is, your feet will follow. Then and only then can you stay on the right path. Following God’s path does NOT guarantee the smoothest roads. Sometimes He takes us on bumpy roads. Sometimes He takes the scenic route. But the final destination will be worth it all.

You are in control of my life path, Lord. I give You control of mapping it out for me. I may complain from time to time when I don’t understand the route, but I will trust You.


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