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“For what thanks can we render to God for you in return for all the joy with which we rejoice before our God on your account,”  

Most of the time when you hear the term “payback” you think about getting back at someone for something they have done to you. That is NOT what Paul meant in this verse when he said “render to God.” The word “render” means payback. So, what did Paul mean?

Paul was caught up in a moment of praise and thanksgiving to God for these Thessalonians. As he is reflecting on his memories of them and on the report he had received from Timothy, he erupts in thanks to God. He is literally paying back God for all He has done in and through the Thessalonians. Paul just lost it in praise!


Have you ever seen your children “lose it” when they got overjoyed about something? They get so excited they can’t even talk, and then they scream and yell and shout! Right? Maybe you have surprised them with that long, awaited trip to Disney World. They can’t put the words together to thank you. They want to “render” to you the thanks they feel, but they don’t know how.

The next time that happens, stop and get them to calm down. Then lead them in thanking God for the blessing they have received. Make sure they know that all praise goes to Him. He is the only one who deserves it. Paul knew that. So should we.

Who are you thanking? Who are you giving praise to today? Point all your praise to your heavenly Father. When we do that the Word says He inhabits it. Now that is incredible. He loves our praise so much He lives in it. What are you waiting on? Praise Him!

I praise You, O Lord. There is no other one I can thank for all that has come to me. I give You the glory!


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