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“for now we really live, if you stand firm in the Lord.” 

I heard a joke once about a very, rich man who had in his will that when he died, he wanted to be buried in his Cadillac. The day arrived, and all his friends and family gathered around the gravesite, which was huge. As they lowered the Cadillac, with him inside, into the grave, one of his friends said, “Now, that’s living!”

Well, really that’s dying. How do you enjoy a Cadillac in the grave? You can’t! In fact, you can’t enjoy anything once you are dead UNLESS you are living in Christ. The word “live” in this verse is the word that means real life. It means to experience God’s gift of life. Now, that’s living.


But Paul goes on to say in this verse that real living depends on us standing firm in the Lord. How do you teach your children to stand firm? Get your little Johnny or Susie to stand up. Place them on a stool or ottoman in the middle of the room. Now shove them off the stool. Wait! I didn’t mean for you to actually do that. But grab their shoulders and act like you are going to. Ask them if they think they could stand if you shoved them. Probably not.

Now, get someone else to help you. This time stand behind your child and hold them snugly around the shoulders. Ask your helper to try to shove them off while you hold them. Now ask your child if they think they can stand there. Yep, I bet they can.

You see, our standing is not dependent on us. It’s the Lord who keeps us standing firm. We just have to trust Him. We have to relax in His firm grip. No matter what shoves us, He’s got us. We may move a bit, but we are in His arms. Stand firm today and live!

Father God, I can feel Your arms around me each day. I know I can depend on Your capable hands to hold me up. Help me stand firm in You today and always.


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