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“For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation? Is it not even you, in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming?” 

I need to explain this verse. Paul is NOT boasting about himself or anything he has done. Paul is boasting about the Thessalonians. Basically, what he is saying is when the Lord Jesus returns, he will proud of them. Why? Because of the life they have lived in Christ. How was that possible? Paul introduced them to Jesus, and they accepted the Word of God.

The closest thing I can compare it to is when I have had the privilege to lead someone to Christ and then I get to watch them get baptized. When I see them publicly declare their love and allegiance to Christ, I am so proud of them. Knowing the Lord used me in the process thrills my heart.


The greatest joy a Christian parent can have is to see their child walk with Christ. When we observe them making life decisions based on God’s Word, our chest should be bursting. Pride gets a bum rap a lot of times. But pride in the right things is good. Pride in godly living is good. Pride in pleasing Jesus is good. 

Teach your children to love and obey the Lord and your boasting in them will be centered upon that. Winning sports trophies or academic achievements may sound great. But nothing this world offers is eternal. When they achieve spiritually, that will last forever. 

In whom are you boasting? Are there people in your life whom you have led to Christ? Have you played a role in leading them to the Lord? If so, you understand this boasting. If not, you have no idea the joy you are missing. Paul says the Thessalonians were his hope, his joy, his crown of boasting. Who is yours?

I want to boast in You and what You have done in and through me in the lives of others. Show me, Lord, who You would have me invest my time and energy. I desire to see others come to know You.


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