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“For you are our glory and joy.”

I have had the privilege in my four decades of ministry to supervise some awesome people. Whenever I have received kudos and praise for something that occurred under my responsibility, I have tried to be quick to give all the credit to my staff. They are the ones who did all the work, making me look good.

That’s a very loose example of what Paul is talking about here with the Thessalonians. He is telling them that they make him look good. He gets glory and joy from them. They give him his value and worth because they exemplify the investment he has made in them for the cause of Christ. And because of that, they give him joy.


I bet you can tell your children that they are your glory and joy. Well, maybe not all the time, lol. I am sure there are moments when their behavior is not glorious and joyous. Am I right? But don’t think about their everyday choices. Think about their eternal worth. God has placed them in your care to prepare them for eternity. Wow! That sure changes your perspective.

And most of us parents will have the privilege to not only affect how our children live. We will have the opportunity to invest in our grandchildren and even perhaps our great grandchildren. They can all be our glory and joy, but only if we invest in them spiritually. How? Pray for them. Read God’s Word to them. Tell the repeatedly how much God loves them. That will impact them for life.

Are you doing those things right now? Are you investing in others so that they can be your glory and joy? If not, do it today. Impact their lives for Christ. One day you too could look back at them and tell them, “You are our glory and joy.”

I want to impact my children and my children’s children so that I too can say those words to them. I thank You, Lord, for entrusting them to me. I will invest in them today.


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