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“For we wanted to come to you-I, Paul, more than once-and yet Satan hindered us.” 

Has Satan ever got in your way? You were following what you believed was God’s will for your life, and all of a sudden, the devil jumped in. Boy, that has happened to me more than once. Now, to be honest, it probably wasn’t the devil. It was probably just one of his demons he sent. The end result is the same though.

That word “hindered” literally means to cut into like blocking off a road, to introduce an obstacle that stands sharply in the way of a moving object. But guess what?  When Satan does that, God reroutes us. He sees the big picture. He knows the end result. We just have to listen. He will tell us what to do when this happens.


Sooner or later your child is going to face one of those obstacles. They have something planned which they truly believe is in God’s will. But…obstacle after obstacle is blocking their path. That can be so frustrating. We have to teach them to listen closely to God’s voice. He will guide them through the most difficult course. But they have to listen.

And do you know what I have discovered? A lot of the times the new path is more exciting. It’s more scenic. I learn more. I didn’t want to go that way, but I was sure glad I did in the end. Share that with your children.

Is Satan in your way right now? Are you sure it’s him? Sometimes what we blame on the devil is actually the Lord trying to keep us out of trouble. Listen to His voice. You can hear it clearly in His Word. He has the PERFECT destination planned for you.

O God, I know You are the one who directs my path. In those times when Satan tries to block me, show me how to get past him. You may choose to reroute me or have me plow right through. I trust You to show me.


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