Best Verse: Psalm 60:6a “God has spoken in His holiness:”


How do you think God talks?  Does He have a deep voice or a high pitch voice? Does He sound like James Earl Jones or Mickey Mouse?  I’m not trying to be sacrilegious.  Hear me out. It doesn’t matter how He sounds. I believe He sounds differently to different people. But He will ALWAYS sound holy.  

The verse today says He speaks in His holiness.  That can also be translated as “in is sanctuary.”  Wherever God speaks and however God speaks, He is always holy.  His words ring of holiness.  His carefully chosen words are pure are fitting for His sanctuary.


My mind jumps to the scene in “A Christmas Story,” the timeless Christmas movie when Ralphie is overheard by his mother saying some very bad words during a fight.  When she gets him home, she makes him sit in the bathroom with a bar of soap in his mouth.  Those bad words had to be “cleaned out.”  

I am NOT advocating doing that to your child.  But I am suggesting that you correct and teach your child about sounding holy. How is that possible?  It is not teaching them to use “thou” and “thine” in their speech and prayers.  It’s about saying those things that only God would say.  To speak as He would speak – with love and purity.

How is your speech?  Do you forget yourself sometimes and let words slip out that should not be heard?  Ask the Lord today to clean up your speech.  Memorize Scripture instead of lyrics to songs with bad language. Concentrate on choosing your words carefully before you speak.  

O Lord, You made my tongue to praise You.  Help me form my words in the same manner You do – in holiness, as if I am standing in Your sanctuary. 


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