Best Verse: 1 John 1:6 “If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth;”

Have you ever tried to walk in darkness?  I mean real, deep, dark darkness!  I recently was walking in the woods early in the morning before daylight.  It was a cloudy night, so there were NO stars out.  There was no moonlight.  It was DARK! Without the aid of my flashlight I could not have found my way down the trail.  I would have been lost or worse – injured.  But with the aid of a little flashlight the darkness was pierced.  

So many people try to navigate the darkness on their own.  They think they can get out of the light and be okay.  Listen brother, you can’t.  Sister, don’t try it.  Stay in the light.  John tells us that if we claim to be with Jesus but walk in the darkness, we are liars! Pretty harsh words but true.


Take a walk with your children in the woods or in the neighborhood one night.  Find a spot without any street lights and then turn off your flashlight.  Ask your child to lead you out of the darkness. They will probably cling to your leg and beg you to turn the light back on.

We can learn something by doing this. Shouldn’t we be the same way? Should we not, the moment we step into darkness, turn on the light of Jesus so we will expose what is around us? Satan loves to lure us into the darkness.  He wants us to feel afraid. He wants us to feel threatened.  But once we shine the light of Jesus, he flees.  He has to.  He can’t stand the light of Jesus.

Are you in darkness or light?  Are you a liar or truth teller?  Are you in fellowship or animosity?  Those are the only choices.  To do otherwise is false.  Live for Him. Live in the light.  You are safe there.

Lord of light, shine on me.  Expose the darkness around me.  Let me be the one who stays on the lighted path.


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