Best Verse: Psalm 58:11 “And men will say, ‘Surely there is a reward for the righteous; surely there is a God who judges on earth!’”


Psalm 58 spends ten verses talking about how God will judge the unrighteous, how He will defend His people.  And then in verse 11, the last verse of the chapter, we have today’s verse.  The end result of God’s actions is this.  Men will know there is a God.

I was meditating on that verse and realized it is the same today.  Men only recognize God because of His actions in this world in the lives of His saints. When God works in our lives, people can see it.  We must be careful to give Him all the praise.  We must point others to Him when they want to give us recognition or glory.


When you see the Lord working in the lives of your children, make sure you tell them.  As they grow in their faith, they will have ample opportunities to thank the Lord.  They will have chance after chance to tell others, “This is all because of Jesus.”  

It is so important that they do that. We never want them to think they have accomplished anything without the Lord.  It is He who gives them the wisdom and strength to succeed.  He is the One who directs them.  He is the One who walks with them through life.  When we are quick to give Him credit, He is blessed.

Is that you?  Do you point others to Him when they want to congratulate you? I pray that you will be a spokesman for Christ today.  I pray you will tell others that it is Christ in you.  It is nothing about you.  Boast in Him.

Lord, I am nothing without You.  I can only succeed because of You.  I praise You for working in and through my life.


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