Job 31:1 “‘”I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?’”


 It is hard today to not see at least one commercial or advertisement that uses scantily clad men or women to sell a product.  With the access to the internet, it is even more “in our face.”  Even the most innocent searches on the web can open up portals to things your eyes shouldn’t see.

Job was a righteous man.  He had made a covenant with his eyes to not look on another woman with lust.  He knew that was sin and had chosen to guard his spirit.  There is actually an internet filter called “Covenant Eyes” which you can purchase to block some of those images I mentioned earlier.  I wonder if the name came from this verse.


We begin teaching our children when they are young to respect other people.  We teach them to say “Yes ma’am” and “No ma’am.”  We even teach young men to open the doors for ladies.  But do we teach them to respect another person’s image?  Do we teach them to look at every person with respect and not as some object?

The next time you and your children have one of those images from a commercial or billboard flash before your eyes, take the time to talk about how it does not honor God.  If we don’t explain what’s wrong with the images, they will accept it as okay.  We certainly don’t want that.  We want them to make a covenant with their eyes, like Job.

Parents, are you guilty of looking at things you shouldn’t?  Are you filling your mind with images that betray your walk with Christ?  If so, put it down.  Pick up the Word.  Make a covenant with your eyes.

Lord, forgive me for not seeing everyone as You see them. Help me teach others the importance of keeping their eyes focused on You.  Help me protect innocent eyes.


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