Esther 8:2b “And Esther set Mordecai over the house of Haman.”


Mordecai had certainly sacrificed to take Esther in his home after her parents died. He raised her as his own daughter. Now she is Queen Esther.  Together, they had just foiled Haman’s plot to kill all the Jews.  And Esther returns the favor to her adopted dad, Mordecai.  After Haman was executed, she gave Mordecai his estate.  I bet Mordecai never saw this coming.

It’s that way when our children bless us.  Parents are supposed to do all the blessing, not the children.  So, when our children bless us, especially if it sacrificially, it is overwhelming.  To be blessed by the ones we are raising is truly humbling.


 How do children get to that point of being the “blesser”?  They were taught it.  As they watch their parents blessing them and others, they learn to bless.  I am certain that Esther could recall numerous times when Mordecai had sacrificed for her.  Remember, they were in exile.  They were essentially forced refugees.  I am sure life was hard.  But Mordecai took care of her.

Teach your children through your own sacrifice.  Let them observe you making tough choices for them.  Now, don’t hold that over them or remind them of all you are doing. Just do it.  Let them see your humble service to your Lord in caring for them. This will teach them, not your words.

Who do you need to bless today?  Are your parents still alive?  If so, bless them today.  Pay it back. Shock them by doing something special for them today.  When my dad was in his last couple of years I loved to cook him breakfast when I visited. He loved his breakfast.  Simple blessings!

Father, thank You for my parents’ sacrifices for me. Thank You for allowing me to sacrifice for my children.  I pray they will see how that serves You.


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