Luke 20:27 “Now there came to Him some of the Sadducees (who say that there is no resurrection),”


 You have probably heard why the Sadducees were called Sadducees.  They were (Sad, You See) because they didn’t believe in the resurrection.  Lol.  Well, that could be a reason, couldn’t it?

I would be sad if I didn’t believe in the resurrection.  But I do! I know one day I will be either resurrected from the grave or raptured alive.  I know that!  Why? Because His Word tells me so.  His promises are true.  His promise to take us home is real.  Do you believe?


 Tomorrow morning when your children wake up from their night’s sleep, greet them like this, “Good resurrection day!” They will probably give you a strange look and will think you have lost it.  But then explain what you mean.  They have arisen from sleep to a new day.

In the same way, one day, we believers will awake to an eternal resurrection.  We who have passed away before that time will see our bodies erupt from the grave and resurrect.  If we are alive at the time we will “resurrect” immediately to our eternal reward.  That will be a happy, blessed day.  It’s no wonder the Sadducees were sad.

Are you ready to go?  I pray you are.  I pray you have made that decision to follow Christ, so that when He returns in the air to call His bride home, you will be one of those who goes.  He will come.  We will go.  Will you?

Lord, thank You for the promise of resurrection. Praise You for the promise of an eternal home.  Help me share the joy of this coming day before it comes and too many are left behind.


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