Leviticus 25:2b “‘When you come into the land which I shall give you, then the land shall have a sabbath to the Lord.’” 


When we read about the sabbath we automatically think about the day the Lord rested after creation.  Right? At least I do.  Some think about the Jewish sabbath which runs from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.  Others may think it refers to Saturday and still others Sunday.

But this sabbath in today’s verse refers to a seventh year.  This would be a year to allow the land to rest from planting. God knew what He was doing.  If you continuously plant the same thing in a field year after year, you will diminish the nutrients and lower your harvest. God promised to bless them the sixth year to make up for this year of rest.


 Teaching our kids to rest is just as important.  Now, they don’t need a whole year to rest, but they do need some time. Kids get so busy that sometimes they just collapse for lack of rest.  Resting really needs to be taught.  Show them how to take a break and kick back.  It will reap long term dividends in their lives.

But, Mom and Dad, you have to show them that.  You have to rest too.  I know it is hard, but you need to slow down some and allow life to catch up.  We can run ourselves so ragged that we can’t enjoy anything.  It’s even okay to take a break from some of the church activities if they are causing too much stress.

Whatever you do, do it wisely.  Plan your family time wisely.  Schedule days to do nothing.  Take your kids on a walk in the woods and sit and talk on a log.  Now, that’s a sabbath rest.

Lord, if You rested I know I need to.  Help me rest.  I’m not too good at it.  I need to stop and enjoy You and others.


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