Numbers 5:6-7 “’Speak to the sons of Israel, “When a man or woman commits any of the sins of mankind, acting unfaithfully against the Lord , and that person is guilty, then he shall confess his sins which he has committed, and he shall make restitution in full for his wrong and add to it one-fifth of it, and give it to him whom he has wronged.”’”


 Boy, aren’t you glad we are not still up under the law?  I would be broke making restitution to all I have wronged.  LOL.  Seriously though, did everyone who wronged someone back then actually do this?  I bet not.  I bet it took a confrontation by the one who had been wronged for it to be carried out. People just don’t like to apologize or make amends.

Don’t you like being the “right” one?  Who really wants to admit they are the wrong one? No one!  But we know, as followers of Christ, that we are go to our brothers or sisters quickly and make things right.  Just the other day I did that to someone I feared I had wronged.  It’s not easy, but it is necessary.


 Talking about a life lesson!  Wow!  This one is critical.  I am sure you have “forced” your little Gertrude to apologize to her brother, right? Sometimes it takes more than just an apology.  If, for instance, your child has broken the toy of another child purposely, they should not only apologize but also make restitution.  Now, before you say, “That’s the LAW, not grace”, let me explain.  Children need to learn to respect the property of others.  This kind of life lesson will go far in teaching that.

Maybe later on they also send a note apologizing. That way the person receiving the note will know this wasn’t just done and forgotten.  It meant something.  They were sincere.  This is especially good to do to an unbeliever.  This will speak Christ’s love in a very real way.

Do you do this?  Does your pride get in the way?  “But you don’t know what they have done to me!”  That really doesn’t matter.  Jesus forgave us all.  We should do the same.  Will you make a wrong right today?

Father, I am so thankful You don’t keep my wrongs done against You over my head.  I am sorry for hurting our relationship each time I choose my way.  I long for us to remain wrong free.


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