Luke 15:10 “‘In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.’”


Don’t you just love that?  The angels are rejoicing when ONE sinner repents.  He didn’t say hundreds or thousands.  Just ONE!  Remember, Jesus had witnessed this.  He had been in heaven and watched the angels rejoice.  He was speaking not only with the all the wisdom of God, but from eye witness experience.

I wonder what the angels think when they see this.  They don’t understand repentance like we do.  They are heavenly beings and have lived with God since their creation.  They have never had to repent.  But I am sure when they see the Father smile at the repentance of His children, they smile too.


I am sure it won’t be long until your little Susie comes to you and says she is sorry for something she has done.  When you forgive her and smile, as I know you will do, bring up this verse. Tell her right now in heaven the angels are smiling too.  That’s a thought she won’t soon forget.

Helping our children learn the value of repentance is key to their growth as a believer and follower of Christ.  Every believer must be a repenter.  They go together.  And the repenting never stops.  I wish it could, but until we reach heaven and are free from the presence of sin, we will need to stay “confessed up.”

Are you “confessed up”?  Are you a consistent repenter?  Maybe this verse will help today.  Just think each time you repent you make the angels smile.  That should quicken your repentance time.

Father, I thank You for forgiving me each and every time I come to you and repent.  I am sorry for how frequently I do that, but I know You want me to.  Smile angels!


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