Deuteronomy 25:4 “‘You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing.’” 


 You may read this passage and ask yourself, “What does this even mean?” Well, back in those days they used animals to thresh the grain.  They would lay the stalks of wheat or barley on the ground, usually in a prepared place. Then they would walk their ox or donkey or some heavy animal over it to break the grain from the stalk and husk. Muzzling the animal was cruel since it needed to eat too.  Moses was saying to take care of the animal you have asked to feed you through their work.

This verse has been applied for centuries to those who serve in ministry. Basically, don’t starve your Pastors to death by paying them very little while they feed you the Word.  Make sure they are taken care of by the church.  A Pastor should not be concerned with how he can provide for his family.  His only concern should be caring for his flock.


 “Okay Carl, how are you going to use this verse to apply to our children today?” Don’t you believe every passage has something to say to us?   Of course, it does.  Find out a need your Pastor has right now.  Then take your children along to meet that need.  He may need new tires on his vehicle.  Arrange to get his keys from his wife or secretary and take your kids with you to get new tires put on his car.

Maybe he has a financial need.  Get your kids involved in giving him a special love offering.  Do it quietly so you don’t bring attention to yourself or your kids.  Teach your kids that giving can be a special blessing when you can do it secretly or anonymously.  Whatever you do to bless your Pastor, do it with your kids.  They won’t soon forget it.

I guarantee there is at least one need in your Pastor’s life that you can meet this week.  It may be a simple gift card to a restaurant or mowing his lawn.  Do it.  Bless him. Don’t muzzle the ox when he is threshing.

Father, I thank You for the Pastors in my life who have fed me.  Show me ways in which I can be a blessing to him and his family today.


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