Deuteronomy 24:9 “‘Remember what the Lord your God did to Miriam on the way as you came out of Egypt.’”


 Do you remember the story about Miriam?  She and Aaron had complained about Moses’ Cushite wife, so Miriam was stricken with leprosy.  God did heal her, but the ceremonial cleansing held up the entire nation from traveling any further.  One woman’s sin affected millions.  Moses is reminding the people to not repeat such an offense.

Our sins do affect others.  We may think it is only between us and God, but others may be forced to endure consequences brought about by our disobedience.  How unfair is that?  How dare we think we can live isolated and alone!


 Your children may face this when one of your children does something to thwart a family outing.  Their actions can affect the whole family.  It is so important that you talk to all your children when or if this happens. They need to see their actions are not just about them.  It affects everyone.

I can hear the kids screaming now, “That’s not fair!”  And it’s not, but it’s life.  God does not want us living alone.  We need each other, through the thick and thin of it.  We need to hang together through the trials as well as the good times. And we need to be held accountable by others.

Will you be accountable today?  Will you allow others’ behavior to dictate how you react?  Don’t let it.  No matter what they do, you do what you know is right according to God’s Word.  Maybe then you will be the source of progress and not holding up the group, like Miriam.

Lord, forgive my selfish attitude at times. Forgive me when I purposely choose to follow my desires rather than what is best for all.


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