Deuteronomy 27:9-10 “9 Then Moses and the Levitical priests spoke to all Israel, saying, ‘Be silent and listen, O Israel! This day you have become a people for the Lord your God. 10 You shall therefore obey the Lord your God, and do His commandments and His statutes which I command you today.’”


 Two words stood out to me in these verses today.  Can you spot them?  Moses has just given the people the laws by which God will hold them accountable in the Promised Land.  And then he says, “This day you have become a people for the Lord your God.”  THIS DAY!  Wait just a minute!  I thought they were already the Lord’s people.  Didn’t He choose them, and didn’t He lead them out of Egypt?  Didn’t He promise them this land they were about to enter?

Yes, but on this day, Moses was commissioning them through the power of God to be a brand, new nation.  All their past wanderings in the desert were over.  All those who had rebelled against God 40 years earlier were dead.  They were indeed His people at last, and He was ready to usher them into the Promised Land.


The same is true for us and our children.  We may grow up knowing all about God.  We may teach our children about God.  We may take them to church and Sunday School.  They may make all the little crafts about Noah and the ark, Moses and the ten commandments or Jesus in the manger.  But until we each surrender our lives to His will and become His child, we are not His people.

Read this passage to your children and tell them that they too must make a decision to follow Christ.  They won’t get into heaven with your faith.  Just as the Israelites had to choose to follow the Lord into the Promised Land, they must choose to follow Christ.  But once they do that, once they accept Him as their Lord and Savior, they are forever His.

Are you following Him today?  Are you surrendered to His Will?  Stop wandering in the desert.  Listen up! Hear the Lord calling you today to be His child.  Allow Him to point you in the direction He has for you today.

Lord, I trust You to guide me each day.  I may not understand all the reasons I am going down this road, but as long as I end up with You in heaven, I am okay.  I love You Lord.


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