Daniel 11:32b “‘but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.’” 


 Daniel 11 is all prophecy.  The man who appeared to Daniel (whom I believe is Jesus, but that’s a whole other study) is telling Daniel what is going to happen in the future. But the last half of verse 32 caught my eye.  Even in the midst of all the trouble God’s people will face it says, “but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.” 

 Now what does that mean?  God wants us to be strong and do what He says.  There will come times in our lives when we are facing unimaginable obstacles and foes.  Regardless, God tells us to trust Him.  Be strong!  Do what He says!  No matter what!  When He says move, move.  When He says speak, speak.  When He says….  You get the picture.


And this is something our children need to be taught at an early age.  When God speaks to them, and He will, they need to do what He says – period.  How do they learn to do that?  By obeying us.  That is preparation for obedience to God.  As a parent we are to teach our children to obey those whom God has placed over them.  Submission to authority is a critical skill in maturity.

No one likes to obey, right?  We all want to do it our own way when we want to do it. We often think our bosses or superiors are just plain stupid and don’t know what they are doing.  We KNOW we could do it better.  But wait…God wants us to learn to obey from these people. So, teach your children now to obey.

I bet you are complaining right now about someone.  Am I right? I have learned to submit to authority because when I don’t God just lets me keep repeating that learning experience. I don’t always do it, though.  I am stubborn and opinionated.  Yep, me!  I want to encourage you today to be strong and take action.  But only take the action God instructs you to take. That may involve simply submitting.

Lord, You know my stubborn streak.  You know I prefer to do it my way.  Teach me today to submit to those whom You have placed in my life to direct me.  Help me trust You in the process.


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