Ezekiel 39:29 “‘I will not hide My face from them any longer, for I will have poured out My Spirit on the house of Israel,’ declares the Lord God.”


 Chapter 39 of Ezekiel is a prophecy about the end times.  It is often preached on when someone is addressing the last days and how God will judge the world.  But I was struck with something at the very end of the chapter.  Verse 29 is a promise to Israel.  God’s Spirit will be poured out on it.

I truly believe that God’s chosen nation, Israel, will see His return and the knees will bow in adoration and worship of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  I have heard of thousands of Jews coming to Christ.  Perhaps the time is closer than we think.


 Our children need to be prepared for Christ’s return.  He could very well return in their generation.  Our job, as Christian parents, is to prepare their hearts to 1) receive Him and 2) proclaim Him.  Isn’t it exciting to think our children could see our Lord and Savior returning?

That means time is short.  We must do everything within our power to lead our children to Christ.  We must do everything humanly possible and then leave the rest of it up to the spiritual realm.  We cannot MAKE our children into Christians.  That only comes through the drawing of the Holy Spirit.  But we can show them how a Spirit filled life looks.

Are you living a Spirit filled life?  Has God’s Spirit been poured out on you?  If so, live like it.  Let your family and all who are around you know what it means to trust in and live for Jesus.  Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever to be sharing Jesus with someone when He returns? Hallelujah!

O God, My Savior, I praise You knowing that Christ’s return is imminent.  His second coming is getting closer and closer.  Use me to proclaim His message to all who will listen.


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