Ezekiel 41:4 “He measured its length, twenty cubits, and the width, twenty cubits, before the nave; and he said to me, ‘This is the most holy place.’”


 I have probably read this description at least 32 times (seeing this is my 32ndread through the Scriptures), and I have never seen this verse like I saw it today.  God is showing Ezekiel the blueprints for the temple.  He is describing the exact measurements of each wall and room.

Then He says in verse 4, “This is the most holy place.”  That hit me hard today.  Where is the “most holy place” today?  Isn’t it where the presence of the Lord is?  As believers, where is that?  In us!!!!! When the Spirit of God comes to dwell in us at salvation, we become the holy place.  So, shouldn’t we keep it clean?


 When our children accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, the very first thing we need to do is start discipling them in their walk.  Why?  Not to make them perfect.  But…to make them HOLY.  Now, I don’t really mean we MAKE them holy.  God does that.  I mean we show them how to live holy, how to keep their hearts clean through confession.

Holy living isn’t hard if we let the Lord live through us.  When we try to live holy lives, we fall flat on our faces. We CAN’T live holy lives apart from the daily surrender to His will.  That’s what we have to teach our kids.  Daily dying to self and surrender to Him.  That keeps us holy and clean.  Nothing else will.

So, does your “most holy place” need a good cleansing?  Have you allowed the things of the world to come in?  Get out the confession broom.  Pull out the repentance rags and go to work.  Sparkle for Jesus.  LOL.  Seriously, let your “most holy place” shine for Him so others will want to join you.

Forgive me, Lord, for allowing the dirt of this world to foul Your holy place in me.  Forgive me of the thoughts and deeds I have done that make Your most holy place uninviting.  Cleanse me today so I can shine for You.


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