Ezekiel 23:35 “Therefore, thus says the Lord God, ‘Because you have forgotten Me and cast Me behind your back, bear now the punishmentof your lewdness and your harlotries.’”


How can you forget God?  There are constant reminders all around us.  But Ezekiel was relaying God’s message about Samaria and Jerusalem.  They had “play the harlot” with other nations and other gods.  They had shunned Jehovah God in favor of other “loves.”  They had turned their back on God, which is never a good idea.

Do you know people like that today, people who have turned their backs on God?  This is NOT a deep, theological discussion about backsliding. Don’t worry. I am talking about people who have no use for God.  They go about their life as if there is no God.  Their lack of belief in the one, true God does not negate His existence.  And one day they will find out the truth.


 This is why we need to point out to our children the presence of God all around them.  It is much harder to deny the existence of someone you see everywhere. And He is, if you just look.  For instance, how can you explain the miracle of a baby’s development and birth without God?  How do you look at a sunset and not see the Master Artist painting the landscape?  How do you watch the waves crashing on the beach without acknowledging the God who holds the oceans in place?

And if your children begin to see God everywhere, they are going to want to know this God more.  Will you talk about Him daily to them?  If they see you loving and obeying Him they will want to know why. Then you can tell them of His great love for you and how you came to know Him.

In what area of your life are you denying His existence?  Does God only exist in church on Sundays to you?  Let Him live in and through you daily.  Let others see Him in you.  Do not turn your back on Him.  Face Him and let Him show you His glory!

O Glorious One, thank You for being so real to me every day.  I know You are before me.  I want to help open others’ eyes to Your majesty.


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