Ezekiel 25:1 “And the word of the Lord came to me saying,”


This first verse in Ezekiel 25 may seem trivial, but let me remind you that no word in God’s Word is trivial.  Every single word is inspired.  I know some who believe even the table of contents is inspired.  Lol  

But how did Ezekiel and how do you know when it is the Lord speaking?  Let me ask you this question.  Do you recognize your wife’s voice?  How about your husbands?  How about your son or daughter?  Of course, you do.  Why? Because you spend time with them and know them intimately.  That’s how you know when it’s God’s voice.  You spend time with Him.


Oh, listen to me, Mom and Dad.  Teach your children to recognize God’s voice.  Teach them by showing them how they recognize your voice because they know you so well.  Teach them to spend time with God every day so when He speaks they will know it is Him.

There is no way they can hear and understand God unless they are spending time with Him. I don’t mean they have to spend hours and hours every day in the Word (even though that is not a bad thing). Pray every day.  Worship every day.  Read His Word every day.  That’s how they will know Him.

Have you had a hard time hearing God lately?  Well, He hasn’t changed His voice.  He still speaks in the same way.  Maybe the problem is the amount of time you are spending with Him.  Maybe you have forgotten how He sounds.  Refresh your memory.  Go to God today and listen for Him to speak to you.

Father, Your words are sweet to my heart.  Your voice is soothing to my ears.  Help me listen more and talk less.


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