Ezekiel 21:6 “‘As for you, son of man, groan with breaking heart and bitter grief, groan in their sight.’”


 The Lord God instructed Ezekiel to groan for the people.  Groan so they would hear him. Groan for the coming judgment.  That could have been very awkward for most people – to go in public and groan aloud so others could hear you.  Most of the time if that happens people avoid you. They are afraid to ask.  But God wanted them to hear a message.

Let me ask you a question.  When is the last time you have groaned for the lost around you?  When is the last time they saw you groaning for their salvation? I have to admit that I go for days or even weeks sometimes without groaning for those I know who are lost. Sure, I pray for them, but I don’t get broken hearted or groan with bitter grief as Ezekiel.


 “Carl, are you going to tell us to teach our kids to groan?”  Well, not exactly.  The next time you child is groaning or moaning about something they have lost or broken, pull this verse out.  Explain to them how we are supposed to have that brokenness about those who are lost and broken without Christ.

Now we don’t teach them to literally moan or groan for them.  We want them to be burdened for them, however.  We want them to go to them and tell them about Jesus. We want them to keep them constantly in their prayers.  Our spirit will groan to God for them as we lift them in prayer.

Groaning isn’t pleasant, is it?  Who wants to groan?  No one, really.  But God told Ezekiel to do it for a reason.  The reason still stands today.  He wants us to let the world know that God loves them.  He yearns for them.  He desires to see all men come to Him.  That is worth groaning for!

Dear Lord, teach me to groan more.  Teach me to be broken hearted and to grieve for the lost world around me.  Burden me for the souls of others just as You are.


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