Ezekiel 19:14c “This is a lamentation, and has become a lamentation.”


 I have been in ministry close to four decades and have learned a few things (not many mind you, but a few. LOL).  But one thing I have learned is that deaths seem to come in bunches.  I can remember dozens of times when the church or ministry I was serving would suffer 2-3 deaths within weeks.  I have just learned to watch for those spikes of mourning. 

And that is all you can do – just mourn.  There are no good words.  Here in Ezekiel he uses the word “lamentation.”  That can be translated as a “dirge,” a funeral song, a mourning. You are probably thinking right now, “Thanks Carl, that is really encouraging.”  But wait.  Mourning periods end.  Joy returns. But that is totally dependent on our response to the Lord.  Only He can restore the joy.


 Children need to learn to mourn.  Yep, it’s a learned thing.  They are going to experience loss in their life.  The more we can prepare them the less they will suffer in those times. The loss of a pet should be a teaching moment.  We weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.

The most important thing we teach our children about mourning is to NOT do it alone. That is why we have family, especially the family of God.  I have watched hundreds of people take solace in the fact that, though they were in one of the worse episodes of their life, they could be encouraged and loved on by their church family.  That’s the lesson our children need to learn.

Have you suffered loss lately?  Are you in a time of lamentation?  Turn to the Lord and to your family of God.  Allow Him and them to give you comfort.  Don’t do it alone.  Allow others to cry with you. Allow others to bring you close and love on you.  He wants that for you and will use them as His instruments of mercy.

O Father, I praise You for the peace that You give in the midst of suffering.  I praise You for the gift of friends and family who You send into my life during those times.


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