Isaiah 38:17b “‘It is You who has kept my soul from the pit of nothingness, for You have cast all my sins behind Your back.’”


 Let me ask you a personal question.  How do you feel when you know you have sinned against God?  I feel horrible.  I feel like Hezekiah who said in 38:17a “Lo, for my own welfare I had great bitterness;…”  That sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

But then look what he says in the rest of the verse.  He recognizes that it is God who keeps him.  He says God has cast his sins behind His back.  What?!  God forgives us and then forgets it.  Why can’t we? If God can forgive eternal mistakes, why can’t we forgive others?


 Children can beat themselves up over mistakes.  When your little Johnny or Susie gets in the dumps over a failure, read them this verse.  Remind them God forgives them and so do you.  They need to hear, that AND they need to feel that.  How can they feel that?  By the way you treat them once they have confessed and accepted responsibility.

Don’t get historical when they make a mistake or sin.  You know what I mean.  “Johnny, that’s the tenth time you’ve done that this week.”  “Susie, I have told you every day this week not to do that.” Now, I am not excusing their behavior. But kids learn by doing.  We have to walk with them in the process.  More importantly, they need to understand that God forgives them and forgets the sin.  Drive that home.

Have you forgiven yourself?  We ask the Lord to forgive us but hold on to the guilt.  Why don’t you let it go today?  Let the Lord have it.  He can handle it.

Thank You Father for Your mercy and grace. Your forgiveness washes over me and I am thankful.  Remind me today the distance you remove my sins.  They are behind You.


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