Isaiah 32:6a “For a fool speaks nonsense, and his heart inclines toward wickedness:”


 In Chattanooga, TN there is the Incline Railway, the steepest passenger railway in the world.  It has been in operation since 1895 and goes up Lookout Mountain about 1 mile.  It is controlled by huge cables attached to two 100 horsepower winches.  It is a steep and scary incline but is totally under control – unlike the fool’s mouth.

Isaiah says in today’s verse that not only does the fool speak nonsense, but that his heart inclines toward wickedness.  A fool is a fool is a fool.  And his foolishness is not limited to his speech.  His actions speak louder than words.  Speaking nonsense is bad enough, but doing wicked things just reveals how foolish one is.


 Kids love silly talk.  There is nothing wrong with being silly.  Heck, I am silly a lot of the time.  Being silly and being foolish are not the same thing.  Being silly may get you in trouble if you are doing it at the wrong time (like I did many times in school), but being foolish will lead to wickedness, according to Isaiah.

So what is foolishness?  What is wickedness?  Anything that goes against God’s Word.  Any action, any speech, any deed that does not agree with the Word of God can lead to wickedness and foolishness.  That’s what we guard our children against.  We model the behavior that imitates God’s Word so our children will learn how to live their lives.

Have you spoken foolishness lately? If so, confess.  Have you been inclined towards wickedness in your thought life?  Confess! We must stay clean in our heart to hear from God.  As believers, all our sins are forgiven, but we still need to confess them to our Lord and strive to live our lives pleasing to Him.

Cleanse my mind and heart today, Lord.  Help me to guard my lips from foolish words.  Use Your Spirit to control my tongue so I will not speak wicked or unkind things about others.


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