Proverbs 20:22 “Do not say, ‘I will repay evil’; Wait for the Lord, and He will save you.”


I’ve said it.  I’ll admit it.  When someone has done me wrong, I’ve said, “Okay, big boy.  Payback is coming.”  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  As I have grown in the Lord and learned to surrender my will to His, these words are less and less likely to come out of my mouth.

But I still struggle with the thought of getting even.  God is faithful, though.  He will judge the evil ones.  We may not see it in our lifetime, but He will take care of it.  We just have to remember that He is mindful of everything that touches us.


Children are quick to get back at someone.  Just observe a room full of toddlers.  If one of them takes a toy the other one has, it won’t be long until they find a way to snatch it back.  Tears come and sometimes even fists.

How do we as parents teach restraint?  We intervene quickly and often.  We don’t allow this type of behavior to continue.  We train our children daily to trust the Lord to handle those whom desire to do us harm.  I am not saying your children shouldn’t stand up for themselves.  I am saying, though, they should NOT seek retribution.  I promise this learned skill will come in very handy when they grow up.

Are you quick to “get even”?  Do you plan out your attacks on those whom have harmed you?  Repent!  That’s right. Repent.  Your actions are sin.  Ask God to forgive you and pray for that person you had planned to get even with. They obviously need it.

Heavenly Father, Giver of grace, give me the peace I need to relax in Your competent hand.  Teach me to trust Your wisdom in judging the ones whom seek to harm me. You are my defender.


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