Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.”


Nothing can get you in more trouble faster than a prideful spirit.  When you think you know it all and have all the answers to every question, watch out!  This is an all-important lesson to learn.

Do you know a proud person?  Do you have to deal with someone on a regular basis who is just full of himself or herself? Don’t you just want to avoid them? Listen, if they are a believer, you have a responsibility to point out their pride to them.  They may not (they probably won’t) listen to a word you say, but you can at least try.  And pray for them that the Lord will show them.


This is definitely high on the list of skills we should teach our children. Stay humble.  Do not get cocky.  Don’t puff yourself up with pride over your own achievements.  Our children need to learn humility and meekness.  In this permissive society, those traits are not being taught much.

Suppose your little Johnny wins the cross country race.  Celebrate it, but don’t over celebrate.  Help him be a graceful winner.  Maybe little Susie is the spelling bee champion.  That’s awesome, but don’t let her belittle others whom she beat for that title.  Direct their pride in a healthy way.

So, are you a proud one or a meek one?  I am very proud of the things the Lord has allowed me to accomplish in my life. I have much more to do, though.  I want others to point out my pride. I want others to lovingly come to me and remind me Who is really working through me.

Loving Father, remind me today of Your disdain for pride.  I want to be exalted which means I must be humble.  I will allow You, and only You, to lift me up today.


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