Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”


 Which is it?  Life or destruction?  The tongue is a powerful instrument and can be used to give life or death.  This is so true today with the emergence of social media.  One tweet or one Face Book post can destroy someone’s reputation.  What could be used for good is often used for evil.

When is the last time you wish you had not said something to someone?  Maybe it was in a moment of weakness or rage. Maybe it was meant in jest but taken as truth.  Whatever you said, make it right and do it quickly.


 This is especially true when it comes to children.  Parents, watch your mouth.  There is no excuse for belittling children. There is no reason to raise your voice and shout or scream at an infant or toddler.  Choose your words wisely.  Your children will repeat them.

I remember once when our son said a bad word when we were out at a restaurant.  He had heard his grandfather say it and did not know it was a bad word.  So, when he let it fly, we were shocked.  He immediately knew something was wrong. Kids repeat our words, good or bad. Use THE Word to guide them, not your words.  THE Word always gives life.

If you are guilty today of speaking death and not life to someone pray for forgiveness and ask the offended person for forgiveness.  Use the words of Christ to those who offend you.  Never resort to words of anger.  Then you will “eat its fruit.”

Father of all words, fill my mouth with Your words. Let my tongue be always a tongue of praise.  When I must correct, let me do it with love and discipline.


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